Exploring Artful Places: Historic Adobes Alive Today

  • September 18, 2022
  • 1:45 PM


Historic Adobes Alive Today
September 18, 2022

"Of earth and timbers made"
 - the historic adobes that characterize the earthbound origins of Corrales ....  humble structures of well over 160 years, constructed primarily with wooden tools and human ingenuity with wood and sand.... 

You are invited to explore four artful adobes on Corrales Road whose owners will guide you from room to room bringing to life their historic past.

Choose preferred tour option for accessing the four historic properties:
1. to be carpooled from property to property ("Riding Registration")
2. to walk from property to property, round trip .6 mile ("Walking Registration")
Guests must be registered separately by name.

***Your confirmation email contains important information on meeting place and parking for your tour option. 

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