Studies have shown the valuable economic impact and social importance of the arts.  There are many reasons why businesses should support the arts.  

  • Organizations can achieve one or more of their corporate social responsibility objectives by investing in the arts. 
  • With the decline of arts education in schools, there is a greater demand for cultural activities in communities.  
  • Arts education helps children develop higher level skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, setting them up as valuable future employees.  
  • The arts can have a positive impact on the development of local communities and social networks, contributing to innovation within a community.  
  • Cities that leverage the arts has shown to be an important part of their revitalization programs. 

CAC seeks innovative businesses to partner with us to become a cultural leader in our community.  Your  business membership and contributions affect residents of all ages in Sandoval County:  students and educators, local artists, arts organizations, historical cultural establishments, tourists, and other business owners. Your web-linked logo will be posted on this page so others will know you support the arts!   


We appreciate your partnership with CAC

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