In 2017 CAC began a monthly House Concert series.  A House Concert is typically held in someone's home, barn, lawn, or backyard.  They are described as an intimate experience where performers are often personally known and may be established or emerging artists.  Typically tickets are not sold in advance but rather cash is collected at the door and given directly to the artists.  Most artists sing with no sound enhancement that adds to the informality, and doesn't disturb the neighbors.  

We have maintained these qualities for House Concerts at the CAC.   Artists represent folk, indie, jazz, and country music. Past performers include  Gabrielle Louise, The Harmaleighs, Lone Pinon, Claudia Nygaard, The T Sisters, The Tony Furtado Duo, and many more.  Donations are appreciated go directly to the artists.  Check out our events calendar to see our full schedule of concerts. 

For more information call Rick Thaler at 505-980-6161

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