Saturday, March 2, 8:00 pm - Gonzo Opera presents: TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN!

  • March 02, 2019
  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Las Ristras Restaurant


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Shannon Wheeler’s comic book character runs amok on stage in Too Much Coffee Man Opera with music by Emmy-winning composer Daniel Steven Crafts. This hour-long, one act Gonzo Opera* has played to sold-out audiences in Portland, San Diego ComiCon, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Columbia Center for the Arts, the Abiquiu and Astoria Music Festivals, Lewis & Clark University, and off-Broadway at the Theater Now New York festival.  It is heard to be the most frequently produced 21st century opera.

Too Much Coffee Man and his buddy Espresso Guy hang around the local coffee shop and wax prolific about life, love and the universe.  Both are secretly in love with the barista who considers them both just annoyances. Finally, TMCM finds the courage to sing his Serenade to the barista, and the fun really begins!

Starring Paul Bower as Too Much Coffee Man, Cammy Cook as the Barista, and Tjett Gerdom as Espresso Guy. Piano: Andreas Landstedt, Clarinet: Lori Lovato, Bass: Toby Vigneau.  

*What exactly is Gonzo Opera?

1)      It is real opera -- not musical theater and not a parody of the genre.  It uses beautiful classically-trained voices and allows them to demonstrate all the marvelous attributes of traditional vocal technique. The Gonzo style is full of melodymemorable melody that shows off the voices in the best possible light.  But

2)      Gonzo Opera takes as its subject matter outrageous comedy/satire, normally unexpected in classical opera. It is as contemporary as the movies. No pathetic, dying heroines here. 

 The ultimate goal of presenting this new enlightened format is the re-invention of the operatic form in our times.  By making it relevant and relatable in satiric contexts, we introduce the magnificent effect of opera to new audiences who may never have realized they could enjoy the genre in a popular form.

  Make it an evening!   

  Have drinks and dinner before the opera! 

(not included in ticket price) 

Sponsored by  Robin and Julius Kaplan, and JoAnn and Scott  MacKenzie.  Thank you!  

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