Challenge #15: Give

Definition: (verb) to offer something to someone, or to provide someone with something. To pay someone a particular amount to someone by transferring money to them. To to tell someone something you are bestowing upon them in honor with an object or title to acknowledge them as part of a specific occasion. To convey a particular period of time being sentenced as a form of punishment. To allow a person or activity a particular amount of time. To calculate that something will last a particular amount of time through diagnosis.

Dessert for You
watercolor © Barbara Marx

For You Miss Isis  Photography
© Abby Boling

Angel Love   multimedia  © Elaine Manicke

Service, At Any Cost photography © Ken Duckert


Challenge #14: BALANCE

Definition: (noun) the state where things are of equal weight or force. (OPPOSING FORCES) A situation in which two opposing forces have or are given the same power: (FINANC  IAL) The amount of money you have in a bank account, or the amount of something that you have left after you have spent or used up the rest. (verb) To be in a position where you will stand without falling to either side, or to put something in this position. To give several things equal amounts of importance, time, or money so that a situation is successful.

"Living on the Edge" - from the Survivor Series
oil on canvas © David Welch

Balance   mixed media © Elaine Manicke

"Goblin Valley State Park, Utah"
photograph    © Ken Duckert

Balance   digital art    © Jack Reynolds

Balance Perfection
mixed media photo transfer and painting
© Elaine Manicke

“Rainbow Splash.” acrylic on canvas
© Preston Kruger

Challenge #13: CLOSENESS
 Friday, July 24, 2020 – Friday, Aug 28, 2020

Definition: (noun) the quality of knowing someone very well (RELATIONSHIP), liking them a lot, and wanting to spend a lot of time together; (LACKING AIR) the quality of weather or air conditions in which it is difficult to breathe and is uncomfortably warm.

1. "Closeness, and illusion of separation"
Acrylic on paper © Diana Fisch

2. "The Beginning"
Photography © Ken Duckert

3. "Friendship"
Oil on canvas © Linda Dillenback

1."Intimate Moment" 
iphonography © Elaine Manicke

2. "Together We Can Build Anything"
digital photography   ©Abby Boling

3. "One Soul"
oil on canvas © Jasmine Tritten

1. untitled  digital photography  
© Jasmine Tritten

poetry © Lloyd Brown

3. "Whispering Sweet Nothings"
photography © Ken Duckert

1. untitled watercolor 
© Barbara Marx

2. untitled watercolor 
© Barbara Marx


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