Salon Impressions

Did you miss a salon that you really wanted to catch?  Here you'll find pictures of previous salons and members' "impressions" of the unequalled events.  Remember, salons are a members-only benefit.  Be sure to RSVP as soon as you get your e-invite!   

April 26, 2019

Judith Phillips

Art of the Residential Landscape

Sponsored by Charlene Spiegel and Sam Thompson

Professional photography by Lance Ozier


“I really enjoyed Judith Phillips’ presentation. Her slides and description of them were excellent, and I loved her sense of humor.”

“Very engaging speaker.”

“Especially helpful in emphasizing the need and desirability of increasing the diversity of our plantings.”

“Judith presented with, ahem, sage knowledge, wit, and reverence for our unique climate. A joy.”

“Thank you…Judith for a wonderful evening.”

March 10, 2019

Bill Baker: 

Adventurous Artist

Sponsored by Jim & Carla Wright, and the Baron-Deutsch Family

Professional photography by Lance Ozier

“What a fascinating way for an artist to meld a passion for cultural diversity, adventure, and an ability to express and show it through his art. Beautiful, moving art.”

“I’ve admired Bill [Baker]’s work for some time and was thrilled to see his presentation.”

“Fantastic! What stories!”

“A delight to meet and hear [him] speak about his work and experiences. It was an expedition on an otherwise ordinary afternoon.”

“Intriguing, tantalizing, impressive, and humbling!”

January 25, 2019

Kate McCleery: 

Snapshots of a Shifting Media Landscape

Sponsored by Gary Miller

Professional photography by Cheryl Cathcart


“Absolutely fascinating subject delivered by [the] entertaining and knowledgeable Kate McCleery. Loved it!”
“Insightful, clear, articulate…motivating.”
“What a gift to have such a brilliant speaker! Very timely!”
“Fascinating talk. Lots of information from the other side of the news.”
“How exciting to have someone who has been battle-tested and committed to dispassionate truth.”

“Kate is an insider and very knowledgeable. She has reinforced my thoughts. I’m a stronger person for having heard this talk.”

November 11, 2018

Sue Hoadley:  The Healing Power of Music

Sponsored by Kaaren Allen/Ray Davis, NoĆ«lle and Steve

Brodeur, Bobbie Weinbaum, and Joann and Jerry Weiss

Professional photography by Cheryl Cathcart


"Beautiful, inspiring, relaxing, healing, coming home to self.  I now know what kind of music helps with pain or dying, or comfort, or sleep, or lowering heart rate.  Fabulous! "

"A wonderful reminder of many pleasures of being absorbed in peaceful sound.  A respite for an over-busy mind.  Thank you Sue!"

"So glad I came.  Sue is an angel to so many and nowto me.  Divine and much food for thought."  

"Beautiful presentation by Sue.  Her self-comportment was one of peace, and the manner in which she shared her expertise on the flute & harp "resonated" with my heart.  Thank you Sue!  

October 26, 2018

Peter Menice:  The Power of Political Cartoons

Sponsored by Dr. Don Bonney & Caryl Trotter

Professional photography by Lance Ozier


"Fascinating how a cartoon is driven not by the image but an idea.  Thank Peter!"

"Awesome!  Very informational and entertaining!"

"Perfectly curated material told Peter's colorful story.  Well done."

"If Peter Menice typifies the cerebral qualities political cartoonists must have, then electric minds of multi-circuit boards all going at once is the prerequisite!  That is the power of the right brain! "

September 7, 2018

James McGrath Morris Presents: 

Chasing Hillerman 

Sponsored by Polly Garner & Bill Vega

Professional photography by Lance Ozier


"Listening opened up a world of biography, where one man is obsessed with the life of another.  Very literary - enjoyed it!"

"Absolutely wonderful and insightful!  I had no idea about what a process biography writing is."

"This was superb!  Talk about knowledge of the subject!  Very entertaining speaker with a great voice. "

"Our first salon and it was terrific!"

May 20, 2018

BC Nowlin Presents:  The Artist's Path

Sponsored by Pam and Billy Schaefer

Professional photography by Cheryl Cathcart

May 20, 2018

BC Nowlin Presents:  The Artist's Path

Sponsored by Pam and Billy Schaefer

Professional photography by Cheryl



"BC Nowlin bared his artistic soul so personally that I felt a part of his very essence - a true salon "

"Saw huge, dramatic canvases that had not been shown before, learned their meaning when painted "

"BC Nowlin is an awesome storyteller both with his paintbrush and with his words ... hearing him discuss the evolution of his art filled me with energy and inspiration."

April 20, 2018

Lara Dale Presents: The Art of Foley in 

Radio and Film

Sponsored by Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer and

 Philip Gasteyer


*"sound effects made by humans - how can I ever again merely 'watch' a movie? "

"had never heard of Foley, now looking for Foley in credits after TV shows "

" ...a Foley artist squeezing balled up audio tape in one hand making sound of grass being walked on while swinging a thin stick in the other making the whooshing sound of the wind "

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